Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Florida lawmakers running away from illegals tuition break.

Edumacation: Hooray, once the word got out, people are running away from giving out breaks to illegals

"It is the opinion of the vast majority of people who have contacted me that we shouldn't be promoting bad behavior," said Sen. Lee Constantine, R-Altamonte Springs, who is up for re-election this fall. He said he didn't remember that he has twice voted for a similar proposal. The proposal recently went down to defeat on a tie vote in the Senate Domestic Security Committee. Republican Sens. Jim Sebesta, Paula Dockery and Stephen Wise joined Constantine in voting against the tuition breaks. All have supported similar legislation before. Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, R-Miami, was the only Republican to vote for it. The defeat of the measure in the Senate committee could hurt the proposal's chances in the last two weeks of the legislative session. "The heightened awareness that we have right now in America on the impacts of illegal immigration on our society have changed the context within which this legislation is being considered," said Lee, explaining why he and a number of senators have withdrawn support.
Poynter's owned St.Pete Times(worst paper in Florida) is unhappy about this.
There is plenty of hypocrisy to go around in the immigration debate. Politicians bluster about tougher laws, yet the existing ones are rarely enforced. In Washington, Congress debates building a wall along the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants out while businesses back home depend on the cheap labor. Now the hypocrisy has reached Tallahassee, where the state Senate appears unwilling to grant in-state college tuition to children of illegal immigrants even after unanimously approving the same concept twice in the last three years. Now that immigration is a hot issue, Senate President Tom Lee of Valrico and other senators are more concerned about short-term politics than the long-term welfare of these children and the state's economy.
Passing illegals tuition breaks is only an invitation for more illegals to show up in Florida. The kids want someone to blame they should look at their parents breaking the law.

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