Saturday, April 29, 2006

High school paper in trouble for stating facts?

Immigration: More examples how high school students are ignorant and know how to play the race card quick.

Indianapolis, April 28 - It's not unusual for the Ben Davis high school student paper to address current events. But it's how students chose to cover the immigration debate that has the newspaper in the spotlight. "The picture is what really insulted me, " said Melissa Rodriguez, a Ben Davis junior. "It showed basically a mom and dad and kid crossing the street saying watch out for border hoppers." "They could have showed both points of view but they decided to show the ignorant and racist point of view." The words are printed, the same way they came across, they are bold, and includes the term "migrant slack off day." "May first is supposed to be a day where Mexicans don't go to work and don't buy US products and they called it slacker day, " said Manuel Gonzalez. a senior at Ben Davis. "How is that slacker day. It's just making the point we are wanted here and we should be here." "It wasn't the opinion of Ben Davis high school or the district, our focus is on educating all students," said Tom Langdoc, a school spokesperson. Despite an announcement that explained the editorial did not reflect the views of the school some students are mad. "I think the person who put it in there should be in trouble for discrimination and the teacher who put it in there should be in trouble for discrimination too," said Melissa A spokesperson for Ben Davis High school said the school is planning to send out written letters of explanation and apology to parents for the editorial and that they will look into why the faculty advisor approved the content. Administrators did attempt to remove as many copies of the paper as possible.
Someone explain to this ignorant twit that I bolded that sign is real and used in California to watch out for border hoppers. Freedom of the press doesn't mean you shouldn't be offended.

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