Monday, May 29, 2006

Cronulla race "wars" still happening.

Australia: The local government is still looking the other way while events are happening around them. Unless they would like a repeat, it would be in their best interests to cut the P.C. nonsense and get to work.

Almost six months after those December revenge attacks, not a single significant arrest and conviction has been logged in response to the self-styled "intifada" by groups of young Muslims who assembled in Punchbowl and Lakemba - inside the electorate of the Premier, Morris Iemma - to launch attacks on eastern beach suburbs. Even now, the Iemma Government remains in denial about the extent of what happened on those nights, as entire convoys were able to assemble, attack and escape while screaming racist threats. One woman, Wendy R, said she and her husband were driving along Canterbury Road on the night of Monday, December 12, when they encountered carloads of men with Lebanese flags hanging out the windows and heard one man screaming, "Do it for Allah!" This left a deep impression, though not as disturbing as the inability of the police to notice what was happening, let alone deal with it. On Friday, police released an identikit photo of three "men of Middle Eastern appearance" wanted for the attack on Dan, a 26-year-old mechanic, stabbed five times and seriously wounded after four men leapt from a car outside Woolooware Golf Club on the night of December 11. As usual, women were involved. The men had shouted insults from the car at two women leaving the club with Dan. As usual, the stab wounds were in the back. As usual, it was four on one. The undertow of hate crimes and menace is continuing, with the proverbial "men of Middle Eastern appearance" (MOMEA) constantly appearing on the crime log of the NSW Police: May 21: a MOMEA charged with the murder of Bassam Chami and Ibrahim Assad, two Lebanese men who were known to police. May 21: a group of MOMEA involved in stabbings in Green Valley. May 26: an off-duty police officer insulted and assaulted by two MOMEA in The Rocks. May 26: two MOMEA arrested in Riverwood for possession of heroin and a handgun. And that's just the past week, and only crimes logged on the police website.

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