Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hillary Rodham Clinton, an enigma to the masses.

Politics: According to Dan Balz's love letter to Hillary.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has fashioned a political persona that generates intense passions but defies easy characterization. She is viewed as a hawk on Iraq and national security, stamped as a big-government Democrat for her work on health care in the 1990s, and depicted as seeking the middle ground on abortion. After three decades in public life, New York's junior senator is one of the most recognized women in the world, her every move and utterance interpreted amid the assumption in Democratic circles and her own circle that her reelection campaign this fall will pivot into a run for president in 2008. Yet for all her fame, there are missing pieces to the Clinton puzzle: What does she stand for? And where would she try to take the country if elected?
and it goes on like this for 3 pages on the site. Its very easy to figure out Hillary, she is a politician who will say anything at any given time if she thinks it will benefit her and be on the right side of a topic with public opinion. She will never be called on it by the MSM who is at the ready to guide her thru 2008 as the biggest set of bodyguards against attacks you will ever see. It's that simple. Not that she is the only one, but she is the master of it while everyone else is learning.

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