Sunday, May 28, 2006

Immigration tidbits

Immigration: Couple of news items on immigration and illegals. Malaysia sets up special courts just for illegals and has an amnesty program I can support.

"....On the setting up of special courts, the Deputy Prime Minister said the committee would discuss the matter with the courts, adding that this was necessary to ensure effectiveness of the country’s immigration laws. “We want all these in place to act as a deterrent to illegal immigrants and those who want to violate immigration laws. “I am also pleased to note that the police, Rela and Immigration department are continuously carrying out operations to nab illegal immigrants,” he added. Najib said, over a five-year period ending March 31, a total of 362,958 illegals were deported. This number did not include foreigners who returned home during the two amnesty programmes offered by the Government. During the first amnesty programme in 2002, 439,727 illegal immigrants left the country while two years later, 382, 082 went home."
Massachusetts lawmakers ban illegals from getting public housing funds. Yes Massachusetts in the United State of America, shocking I know.
The passage of the housing proposal, which still needs approval from House-Senate negotiators, came amid high emotions over an issue that has drummed up significant debate in local communities. “It’s unconscionable to be giving taxpayer benefits and public money to illegal aliens,” said Framingham Housing Authority Executive Director William Casamento, who wrote a letter supporting the Senate measure. “There is no more public housing built. It is a very finite resource.” Immigrant advocates argue, however, that state attempts to crack down on illegals, whether it be on taxpayer benefits or employment by Bay State companies, will only drive them further underground and divide communities. “(Illegal immigrants) are not seeking to get ahead in any line anywhere,” said Thomas Keown of the Irish Immigration Center. “Turning all manner of state agencies into customs and immigration enforcers is not the way to go.” In addition to empowering housing authorities to check applicants’ immigration status, the Senate’s measures would create a state hotline to report employers who hire illegal immigrants and force courts to confirm defendants’ immigration status at arraignments or risk losing funding. State Sen. Robert Hedlund (R-Weymouth), who proposed two of the three measures, said he was continually hearing from local housing officials who complained they had no means of ensuring that taxpayer benefits were not going to illegal immigrants. “It’s insane,” he said. “They broke the laws of our country to get here and they’re getting subsidized taxpayer housing at the expense of needy American citizens.” Immigrant advocates have argued there is no data showing illegal immigrants are seeking or receiving public housing benefits.

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