Thursday, June 29, 2006

Barbara Walters close to being gangsta

Entertainment: The way she went from warm and fuzzy to ice bitch in a day is awesome. She totally throws Star under the bus, but Star got her punches in by announcing she was leaving two days before they were actually going to do it.

In a glimpse of behind-the-scenes friction that is rare on network TV, Walters said she and ABC were surprised by Reynolds' announcement -- which came two days earlier than planned -- and by her complaints to People magazine that she had been fired. "So it is becoming uncomfortable for us to pretend that everything is the same at this table," Walters said on the air. Walters told Reuters that ABC had decided last year that Reynolds should go, citing network research that found viewer approval plunging due to negative publicity surrounding her lavish, freebie-filled wedding in 2004 and unexplained questions about her abrupt weight loss. Walters' account contrasted sharply with Tuesday's on-air tone, when she clasped hands with Reynolds, warmly wished her well and led the studio audience in a standing ovation as the co-host confirmed weeks of media reports that she was ending her nine-year tenure on the ABC show next month. ....And it was announced in April that actress-comedian Rosie O'Donnell, one of Reynolds' most vocal critics, would be joining the show this fall, a move widely seen as setting the stage for more tension among the usually cordial co-hosts. Reynolds complained in the People magazine article, and in a radio interview, that word of O'Donnell's impending arrival came just days after she learned that her own contract would not be renewed for a 10th season. Walters said she and fellow producer Bill Geddie had put off telling Reynolds for months that her days on the show were numbered in hopes she could somehow "redeem" herself. She insisted that hiring O'Donnell had nothing to do with Reynolds being shown the door, suggesting instead that the co-host was responsible for her own undoing.
Come on, anyone believe that? You don't hire Rosie in hopes Star redeems herself. You knew you wanted her gone, just say it. Star made her own problems, but the way this was handled all around was childish and vindictive. But give Star some credit, she saw what was happening and just decided if I'm getting fired, I am going to nuke this set.

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