Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bill Simmons draft recap is his best ever.

Sports: Even if you are not a basketball there are some great lines in it. Thanks for the Knicks for their highlight pick of the evening.

7:38 -- With the first pick, Toronto selects ... yep, Andrea Bargnani. Three minutes ago, Bilas called him a "solid prospect with a chance to be a solid player." Their fans must be delighted. Meanwhile, the MSG crowd quickly starts chanting "over-rated!" Stern might have to have them sprayed with one of those super-powerful fire hoses before the Knicks' first pick. 7:38 -- Classic wide angle of everyone in Toronto's War Room applauding the pick. That didn't seem staged at all. No, really. That's followed by Bilas telling us, "He does not rebound, he does not post up, he is not physical. He needs to work on his body." You have to be fired up if you're a Raptors fan right now.

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