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The Bushgo policies aborted my baby!

Culture: This liberal lawyer blames President Bush for her and her husband lack of personal responsibility leading her to freak out and abort a baby.

The conservative politics of the Bush administration forced me to have an abortion I didn't want. Well, not literally, but let me explain. I am a 42-year-old happily married mother of two elementary-schoolers. My husband and I both work, and like many couples, we're starved for time together. One Thursday evening this past March, we managed to snag some rare couple time and, in a sudden rush of passion, I failed to insert my diaphragm.
There should be government officials making sure her husband has a condom and her a diaphragm I guess. A sudden rush of passion is not an excuse for your and your husband lack of judgement.
The next morning, after getting my kids off to school, I called my ob/gyn to get a prescription for Plan B, the emergency contraceptive pill that can prevent a pregnancy -- but only if taken within 72 hours of intercourse. As we're both in our forties, my husband and I had considered our family complete, and we weren't planning to have another child, which is why, as a rule, we use contraception. I wanted to make sure that our momentary lapse didn't result in a pregnancy. The receptionist, however, informed me that my doctor did not prescribe Plan B. No reason given. Neither did my internist. The midwifery practice I had used could prescribe it, but not over the phone, and there were no more open appointments for the day. The weekend -- and the end of the 72-hour window -- was approaching. But I needed to meet my kids' school bus and, as I was pretty much out of options -- short of soliciting random Virginia doctors out of the phone book -- I figured I'd take my chances and hope for the best. After all, I'm 42. Isn't it likely my eggs are overripe, anyway? I thought so, especially since my best friend from college has been experiencing agonizing infertility problems at this age. Weeks later, the two drugstore pregnancy tests I took told a different story. Positive. I couldn't believe it.
Folks, remember she is a lawyer. Three phone calls, meeting the bus and then she freaked out for the rest of the day? There had to be a Planned Parenthood place about happily giving out those pills like pez somewhere in the state. She finds out she is with baby and now is angry at conservatives.
I felt sick. Although I've always been in favor of abortion rights, this was a choice I had hoped never to have to make myself. When I realized the seriousness of my predicament, I became angry. I knew that Plan B, which could have prevented it, was supposed to have been available over the counter by now. But I also remembered hearing that conservative politics have held up its approval. My anger propelled me to get to the bottom of the story. It turns out that in December 2003, an FDA advisory committee, whose suggestions the agency usually follows, recommended that the drug be made available over the counter, or without a prescription. Nonetheless, in May 2004, the FDA top brass overruled the advisory panel and gave the thumbs-down to over-the-counter sales of Plan B, requesting more data on how girls younger than 16 could use it safely without a doctor's supervision. Apparently, one of the concerns is that ready availability of Plan B could lead teenage girls to have premarital sex. Yet this concern -- valid or not -- wound up penalizing an over-the-hill married woman for having sex with her husband. Talk about the law of unintended consequences.
Yes, the FDA wanting to find out more info on what this pill will do to young girls should have figured out over the hill married couple in a fit of passion would be irresponsible enough not to wear a rubber at least.
Meanwhile, I hadn't even been able to get Plan B with a prescription that Friday, because in Virginia, health-care practitioners apparently are allowed to refuse to prescribe any drug that goes against their beliefs. Although I had heard of pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control on religious grounds, I was dumbfounded to find that doctors could do the same thing. Moreover, they aren't even required to tell the patient why they won't provide the drug. Nor do they have to provide a list of alternative sources. I had asked the ob-gyn's receptionist if politics was the reason the doctor wouldn't prescribe Plan B for me. She refused to answer or offer any reason, no matter how much I pressed her. By the time I got on the phone with my internist's office and found that he would not fill a Plan B prescription either, I figured it was a waste of time to fight with the office staff. To this day, I don't know why my doctors wouldn't prescribe Plan B -- whether it was because of moral opposition to contraception or out of fear of political protesters or just because they preferred not to go there.
Damn doctors and their moral beliefs in not wanting to end life because you refused to take ownership of your mistake.
In any event, they were also partly responsible for why I was stuck that Friday, and why I was ultimately forced to confront the decision to terminate my third pregnancy. After making the decision with my husband, I was plunged into an even murkier world -- that of finding an abortion provider. If information on Plan B was hard to come by, and practitioners were evasive on emergency contraception, trying to get information on how to abort a pregnancy in 2006 is an even more Byzantine experience.
By this point she knows about planned parenthood, so this is a bunch of emotional BS. So she goes and has the abortion and ends her article with this sob ending.
It was a decision I am sorry I had to make. It was awful, painful, sickening. But I feel that this administration gave me practically no choice but to have an unwanted abortion because the way it has politicized religion made it well-nigh impossible for me to get emergency contraception that would have prevented the pregnancy in the first place. And to think that, all these years after Roe v. Wade became the law of the land, this is what our children have to look forward to as they approach their reproductive years.
I think "our children" minus the one you aborted will be a lot smarter and less in a panic if they are foolish to put themselves in such a stupid predicament. Dana L went to have a chat on the Wash Post and surprisingly not a lot of people went with a you go girl attitude about this. They took her to task in a couple of the questions. She compared her situation to rape victims which is taking your ego to places it has no business being in this case.
Dana L.: While you may feel my anger was misdirected, I feel angry not just for what happened to me and my family but at the whole situation. What about people who find themselves in this situation on a Thursday night after having been raped? Or if their diaphragms or condoms failed? Yes, my husband and I made a mistake--people do, sometimes, we're human--but, the medicine is out there--medicine that would have prevented an abortion--medicine that is available over the counter in many other countries.
Myersville, Md.: Thanks for the honest article. Does Planned Parenthood distribute Plan B in Virginia or is it only available through MD offices? If not, is it because of Virginia's state laws regarding the distribution of birth control? Dana L.: I believe Planned Parenthood distributes Plan B nationwide. Unfortunately for me, in my panic that Friday, I didn't even think of calling them.
Alexandria, Va.: Isn't it a little too easy to blame "the administration" for an unwanted pregnancy that was your responsibility? And just why should it be easy to terminate a pregnancy? That's not the same thing as going into the dentist to have a cavity removed. You're terminating a nascent life -- shouldn't you have to go through a bit of trouble to achieve that? Does it surprise you that doctors who struggle to bring life into the world don't want to help you destroy a new life? Dana L.: You are missing the entire point. I wanted my doctors to help me prevent a pregnancy through Plan-B so I wouldn't have to abort a pregnancy later. Yes, I made a stupid mistake with my husband--but the diaphragm could just as easily have failed, or I could have been raped by a stranger--and I still would have been in the same place--with the doctors refusing to prescribe me emergency contraception. My point is the Bush administration is unwittingly encouraging abortions through its misguided Plan-B policy!
All thru the article and the chat its always ends up being about her, the baby while "painful, awful..etc..etc" is an afterthought. Bush administration has nothing to do with it, she freaked out and forgot about planned parenthood which is astonishing considering her views that she didn't know about it. It's you and your husband responsibility which you didn't want to face up to and now casting blame elsewhere.
Washington, D.C.: Seems to me you blame everyone but yourself for your abortion. (Conservative policies of Bush, your doctor, your midwife, your internist, the FDA top Brass, even Religion). I am pro-choice - even more so than you - because I respect your choice to have unprotected sex with your husband - knowing the risks. What I don't respect is your reaction to the consequences. Basically you didn't care to be inconvenienced by your own unborn son or daughter - a child that could have found a loving home with your infertile college friend. Dana L.: That is just so silly. Believe me, I thought about it. If society, and people like you weren't so judgmental, I would gladly have borne that child (assuming he/she could have been born healthy what with all the attendant Category X drug health risks) and given the baby to my friend to raise with all my heart.
The chatter hit the nail on the head, this is a weaker version of Amy "I don't want to live in Long Island and shop at Costco" Richards She admits to killing the child because she didn't want to be judged by society. Its all about her and her selfish desires that a child was aborted.

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