Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Canada terror suspect handed out jihad video.

Canada: Not surprising but again this shows the a lack of responsibility within certain communities to look the other way.

CBC News has obtained a copy of the video allegedly handed out by one of the Toronto bomb-plot suspects in the parking lot of a local mosque. The video offers a chilling glimpse inside the jihadist mind and is intended as a wake-up call to Muslim youth in Canada. "Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah," says the voice on the tape, "and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of taghout, evil." The Sept. 11 attacks are a central theme in the video, appearing again and again, not as a nightmare but as an inspiration. "America was struck within its homeland … and the youths of Islam invaded it on that great day. So the whole world was totally changed as a result of this blessed invasion." ....The 36-minute tape lists famous suicide bombers as martyrs and urges Muslims to attack the West: "In this stage you have to hit then run away and hide. You should hit on their weak points." Returning to Sept. 11, the tape portrays the attacks as a triumph for Islam, calling them "operations that were successful in all measures." That is followed by a desert rider, superimposed on the scene, who turns out to be bin Laden. Heft's allegation that he obtained the video from Ahmed fits with a synopsis of the prosecution's case obtained by CBC News. The synopsis also alleges that Ahmed handed out copies of a video glorifying jihad. Aly Hindy, the imam of the Salaheddin mosque, says he knew nothing of the matter, adding that he has no control over what people hand out in the parking lot.
BS, someone handing out Jihad material would get back to the people in charge, stop looking the other way and confront it.

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