Friday, June 09, 2006

Canadian Muslims, your leaders are morons.

Canada: This has to be the dumbest thing to come out of the arrest of the 17 Muslims.

OTTAWA (CP) - Muslim leaders pleaded for help Thursday in their struggle against extremists in their midst, saying they can't fight a small minority of radicals alone. "We're not here to say we don't have an issue," said social worker Shahina Siddiqui, president of the Islamic Social Services Association. "Of course we have an issue," she told a news conference on Parliament Hill. "But we can't deal with it ourselves. We're part of the Canadian society and so we demand that the Canadian society come forward, help us root out this."
This is outright BS, pleading for help by "demanding" everyone else rush over and clean up a mess that has been allowed to grow over the years by these same groups and leaders is amazing. The best example of this festering problem was told by MP Wajid Khan.
But that was not true at the mosque. Jamal's angry view of the world, and his belief that the West is at war with Muslims, boiled over there, others say. It was so strident that it startled Wajid Khan, a Muslim member of Parliament who stopped at the mosque last year on his regular rounds of his district just west of Toronto. "I was concerned that he had found a bunch of young kids and he was able to influence them," Khan said in an interview Sunday. "I took issue with him. I think we have to be extremely vigilant in the Muslim community. We have to watch out for people who are trying to teach disaffected youths that it's the Muslims against the rest, a war of civilizations. Anyone talking through his hat should be kicked out and reported."
This is a Muslim community problem that has to be fixed within the community, asking others to come in and help is an excuse to cover your ass. Quite frankly I am not sure this is a backdoor way of getting the government to cater to certain people's agendas.
The Ontario government and Miller's office were quick to say they would take part. There was no immediate response from Harper's office, but Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has asked the Muslim groups for more details. The arrests in Toronto of 17 suspects accused of plotting terrorist attacks have once again put Muslims on the defensive, Siddiqui said. It's a public scrutiny that young Muslims experience all too often, she added, referring to her travels across Canada. "I have not seen more radicalization, but I've seen more marginalization. I'm seeing more isolation and the children feeling as if they don't belong because of the onslaught on Islam, Islamophobia, the anti-Islam tilt in the media. "And they feel there's no venue where they can express that resentment. "If we can feel safe from the onslaught on Islam, and we don't always have to be defending it, we can pay attention (to) working with them."
Why do I get the feeling hate laws and having the ability to shut down debate and speech is one way of keeping the kids safe in her mind? Later in the article you realize this summit is to demand a bunch of special programs and rights in the form of fighting the Islamophobia.
Karl Nickner, executive director of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations, also called for public education on Islam. "Terrorism, as you know, is antithetical to Muslim belief and is a perversion of its teachings." For every radical extremist there are thousands of law-abiding citizens, he stressed. Muslims should no more be held collectively responsible for the actions of alleged terrorists than should Italians be broad-brushed as mobsters, Nickner said. "We have to be proactive. We have to work together to find solutions to problems we're facing in Canada." Nickner also called for better programs to integrate Muslims - many of whom hail from non-democratic countries - and sensitivity training for police and CSIS, Canada's spy agency. Radicalism can be difficult to prevent because it often simmers out of sight, underground, Nickner said. "I go in mosques across the country, I meet Muslims across the country and I don't hear it - it's very hidden."
The mafia doesn't commit terrorist acts in the name of religion, they do not actively recruit or preach an Italian version of jihad in churches. They are a criminal organization and treated as such. This continuing need to compare what is happening within the Muslim community to other groups comes off as trying to pass the buck. The last couple of paragraphs is a slap in the face of reality saying you have been to mosques everyone and not hear the radicalism when an MP pointed it out last year. I am sure he called around to express his concern. The laundry list of wants is startling because a program to integrate Muslims from non-democratic(non western style goverment and society) leads me to think that Canada should be more selective. The sensitivity train is yet another puzzling aspect because as we see in Britain, that sort of program neuters the police and agency who become shy about doing the work they are trained to do. I guess that is the goal.

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