Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Israel goes on Gaza attacks, AP lies about Hamas deal.

Middle East: Gaza is no longer occupied and Israel can let loose on destroy the place if they don't get their guy back. That is the downside for all these terrorist groups that Hamas and Fatah have around them. They carry out attacks and the response is going to be huge.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Israeli tanks and troops entered southern Gaza and planes attacked three bridges and knocked out electricity to the coastal strip early Wednesday, stepping up the pressure on Palestinian militants holding captive a 19-year-old Israeli soldier. The soldiers and tanks began taking up positions in two locations about a mile east of the Gaza town of Rafah under the cover of tank shells, according to witnesses and Palestinian security officials. Palestinians dug in behind walls and sand embankments, bracing for a major Israeli offensive. No casualties were reported in any of the attacks, marked by the first Israeli ground offensive in Gaza since it pulled out of the territory last summer, tearing down all 21 Jewish settlements. The Israeli strikes came amid intensive diplomatic efforts in the Arab world and by the United Nations. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Israel to "give diplomacy a chance." Trying to defuse building tensions, negotiators from the ruling Hamas movement said Tuesday they had accepted a document implicitly recognizing Israel. But two Syrian-based Hamas leaders denied a final deal had been reached. Israel said only freedom for the captive soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit, could defuse the crisis, not a political agreement. The Israeli military said in a statement that the object of the attacks on the bridges was "to impair the ability of the terrorists to transfer the kidnapped soldier." Knocking down the bridges cut Gaza in two, Palestinian security officials said. Early Wednesday, Israeli warplanes attacked one of the bridges for a second time, Palestinian security officials said. Before daybreak, Israeli warplanes flew low over Gaza city, causing sonic booms and breaking windows.
For whatever reason AP has been carrying this lie about Hamas recognizing Israel in articles all day. That is a blatant lie.
Jerusalem (CNSNews.com) - Hamas and Fatah have agreed to a deal that calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state within the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources said on Tuesday -- but Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad said the document does not recognize Israel. The document was drawn up weeks ago by Palestinians held in Israeli jails, and it has been a source of contention between the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority government and P.A. Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction. Islamic Jihad, which has carried out a number of suicide bombing attacks in Israel during this last year, did not sign the agreement. It's not clear if the military wing of Hamas, which receives its orders from Damascus, will accept the document. Full Story
Even if Hamas would recognize Israel, there are many other groups Hamas funds and helps that won't and the attacks would continue. It is a bogus plan only fools would believe as being a good first step.

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