Friday, June 16, 2006

Jill Porter's P.C. mindset gets rocked by Geno's fans.

Nation: Couple of days ago, Jill Porter was one of the philly papers columnist to go after Geno's for the speak english sign. She got feedback for that column.

OK, YOU'VE made your point. Wednesday's column about Geno's got me pummeled in scores of e-mails and phone calls - from Baghdad to Great Britain and all over town - from people who think Joey Vento has the right to an opinion, but I don't. That's because I disagree with his offensive sign demanding customers order in English - an insult directed at Latino immigrants in his neighborhood. My position unleashed some of the most vile invective I've heard in years. It included a suggestion that I "crawl back into one of them holes or sewers that they're crawling over into our country and go write for their paper." Thank you, Deborah Dianno, for having the guts to leave your name and number, although you lost some of your credibility when you closed with: "F--- you, bitch."

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