Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jimmy Carter rushes to Iran's defense.

Iran: Yet again, Carter runs to defense of the indefensible. There has to be a dictatorship or terrorist supporting country that Jimmy Carter doesn't love somewhere.

The former American president, Jimmy Carter, has said that the United States should begin talks with Iran without preconditions. Mr Carter believes prerequisites could present the Iranian Government with too great an impediment to overcome. His comments are significant, given that he was the president when US relations with Iran hit an all-time low. He witnessed the Iranian revolution and the seizure of the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979. He struggled for 444 days to release the US Embassy staff held hostage. A failed rescue attempt led by the US military brought about the resignation of his secretary of state. It was the crisis that has scarred relations between the two countries ever since. But Mr Carter thinks attempts to improve relations should have started long ago. And he believes that this administration's offer to sit down and talk on conditions that Iran gives up its uranium enrichment program may not be enough.

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