Monday, June 12, 2006

Leftist party wants to tax the hell out of New York.

Nation: Nothing like socialist policies that are given without thinking of the consequences.

As Wal-Mart and other big companies leave taxpayers to pick up the tab for employees' health coverage, state lawmakers are debating a new tax on the employers. The issue is causing deep divisions between business and labor, conservatives and liberals. The so-called "Fair Share for Health Care" bill is the top election-year priority for the Working Families Party. The bill would levy an additional tax on companies with more than 100 employees if they fail to spend at least $3 per hour on health insurance for each worker. The pressure is mounting as lawmakers - many of whom covet the union-supported WFP's ballot line - prepare to end their regular session June 22 and head home to campaign. While key legislators say they doubt a version of the bill will pass before then, the issue is stirring heated debate. The state's small business lobby claims the bill in its current form would result in the biggest tax increase in the history of New York - $8.4 billion on employers. The State Conservative Party decries the legislation as another step toward New York becoming a "Nanny State." But the Working Families Party says companies are shirking a time-honored responsibility to provide health insurance to their workers and sticking taxpayers with the bill. The WFP acknowledges "Fair Share" would cost at least $2 billion - by adding $4 billion to businesses' costs and cutting taxpayer health care expenses by $2 billion. "Someone is going to have to pay," party policy director Josh Mason said. "We think it makes sense, both practically and morally, for that someone to be those large businesses that are currently spending very little on health benefits."
The article starts off fair and balanced, but Josh Mason never took an economic class in his life it seems, the businesses stupid enough to stay in New York if this passes will pass along the added cost to consumers. Business owners in some cases will find it easier just to close shop and move away.

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