Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lloyd Grove gets more emails about Olbermann.

Media: People are forgetting the backstory between Olbermann and Grove who ripped into Keith a couple of months ago for doing a segment where he ripped into Grove's assistant.

That might explain — though hardly excuse — the MSNBC anchor's nutty response to a small item in Monday's column regarding his comments during a C-SPAN interview. Olbermann was quoted accurately on the subject of his corporate bosses at GE and NBC — that "they do not like to see the current presidential administration criticized at all." And that MSNBC President Rick Kaplan — who spanked him last August for his repulsive account of spitting blood into a garbage can — "is a very emotional, very high-strung, gigantic man, also a very squeamish man." As a service to readers, I omitted Olbermann's syrupy, soporific attempts at sucking up to his superiors — which he insists on calling "context." So what did Krazy Keith do? He used his third-place "Countdown" show — which has one-sixth the audience of Fox News' Bill O'Reilly — to slime my assistant, Katherine Thomson, as the "Worst Person in the World." Viewers must have been scratching their heads as Krazy Keith made creepy insinuations about my twentysomething associate's long and rewarding service at MSNBC before I hired her away. "The conflict of interest is as bad as anything I've seen in journalism," Olbermann claimed, weirdly, adding that "when she left, nobody cried." Not that any of his colleagues were sobbing when he left his last half a dozen jobs in broadcasting, including an earlier MSNBC stint when producers reportedly had to pry him from a fetal position under his desk to get him to go on the air. I'm not a clinician, so I won't pretend to understand Krazy Keith's behavior, including sometimes locking himself in his Secaucus, N.J., office and speaking to staffers only if they've put a written request in his mailbox. "He's a sad and pathetic figure," one of his former bosses mused yesterday. But my sympathy is limited. Hey, Krazy Keith, why don't you pick on somebody your own size?
Yesterday Grove got some email exchanges and Olbermann watch got the unedited versions. The emailers were harassing Olbermann, but he was under no obligation to answer back or answer the way he did. He called Abrams "middle management" which again brings up the Abrams better put down the law about who is in charge. I think the best lesson Olbermann can learn from this is don't go after gossip columnists.

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