Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MCB's Muhammed Abdul Bari issues threats of violence.

UK: I gather Bari is feeling bold enough to tell the rest of the UK to deplorable imply Muslims are ticking time bombs and you better be nice. The new MCB same as the old.

Trust could break down between police and the Muslim population if the reasons for Friday's anti-terror raid in London are not made clear, a community leader has warned. Muhammad Abdul Bari, the new head of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), said the police must explain why the dawn raid in Forest Gate, in which one man was shot, was necessary. His comments came after Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Andy Hayman insisted the police had "no choice" but to act, after receiving "specific intelligence". Police have yet to find any evidence of planning for a terrorist operation, and Dr Abdul is not the only person questioning why such a major operation, which involved about 200 officers, was necessary. "The message is the confusion, it's the frustration and to some extent anger," the new MCB chief said during a visit to Forest Gate last night. "People want to know what exactly happened and about the intelligence - is it genuine information, is it flawed? These are the questions police have to answer as soon as possible." He warned: "Trust could be an issue. Trust could break down if things are not clarified. Angry people can do anything, angry people can even feel that they should take the law into their own hands so anger has to be directed into positive action."

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