Friday, June 02, 2006

Michael Wilbon needs a better understanding of Miami Beach.

Nation: Wilbon talking about Wizards's star Gilbert Arenas getting arrested in Miami Beach gives us this background on "Urban Beach Week"

Okay, we have to back up here and provide a little context. Miami Beach is beyond packed on Memorial Day weekend. After Atlanta essentially threw "Freak-Nik" out of the city, all the MCs, DJs, Playaz, hotties and shorties took the show to Miami a few years ago. Now, it's called "Urban Beach Week." Older folks, the hip-hop challenged and people who like to see order are a little undone by Urban Beach Week, which is essentially young black folks and young white folks who like hip-hop hanging out on Miami Beach all weekend in various forms of dress and undress. Basically, it's a late spring break for the hip-hop crowd . . . which attracts tens of thousands. Think BET, not MTV. Law enforcement folks who don't necessarily see the similarities get a little nervous sometimes.
Ho Ho, those old white people are scared and the police overreacting all the time because black people all over the place.
Urban Beach Week marred by violence in Miami Posted 5/29/2006 8:18 PM ET MIAMI (AP) — A man was fatally stabbed and another shot and injured in a busy downtown nightclub on Memorial Day, marring an annual hip-hop celebration at South Florida nightspots. A third man was trampled as hundreds of revelers, panicked by the gunfire, fled the Metropolis nightclub just before 4 a.m., police said. The three Miami men were taken to a hospital after the incident, Miami police spokesman Delrish Moss said. Roger Hall, 22, died of stab wounds about an hour later. Lee Fowner, 22, was shot in the leg and was in good condition after surgery, Moss said. Ijamyn Grey, 26, was bruised and scraped after the crowd trampled him as he tried to leave the club after the shots. Police didn't have any suspects or motives in the melee, as witnesses couldn't identify the attackers, Moss said. Officers described the club as a "scene of chaos" when they arrived, like "the aftermath of a winning football game" with people running everywhere, Moss said. Police estimated more than 1,100 people were at the club, which can hold as many as 2,000. In recent years, South Florida, and Miami Beach in particular, has drawn thousands of fans of hip-hop music and culture over the Memorial Day weekend, which is billed as Urban Beach Week. Police arrested 856 people from Thursday to Monday morning, Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said. Most arrests were for misdemeanors, such as drinking in public or disorderly conduct
This is why the police presence is so high and they don't take chances with anyone. BTW, if an event gets kicked out of one city there is a good chance they had a reason for not caring all those dollars are being spent elsewhere. Miami Beach is a party town, but if Urban Beach Week keeps up like this, they are going to get kicked out again.

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