Sunday, June 18, 2006

Singer: Superman doesn't fight for the American way anymore.

Updated story on June 30th from Hollywood reporter Entertainment: I was suprised by the line in the trailer that stopped at truth, justice and never said the American way. Singer tries to justify it with this weird answer via Superhero Hype.

Q: The line that Frank Langella says, the truth and justice. Was it deliberate to leave out the American way? Singer: Yes. They did it so well with justifying the line "truth, justice and the American way" and the original Superman she says "you're going to end up fighting every politician in Washington." He says, "you don't really mean that Lois." She says, "you've got to be kidding." He says, "Lois I never lie." And that's such a great scene because they took that expression, which I don't shy away from, and they commented on it the way Americans are very passionate, very patriotic and self-depreciating at the same time. Americans are the first people to be weirdly simultaneously patriotic and self-criticizing. It's one of our rights as Americans. We can do that. With that notion, I didn't have a better way to take the edge off it so I did it that way. But, he is an American superhero. There's no denying that. He's the ultimate immigrant, raised on a farm in Kansas. He represents what we as Americans idealistic want to be. In that way I shy away from it, but I don't know how to. But, he's not just fighting for America. He's fighting for, you know, the world. He always was. So it's not shying away from it, it's just treating it in not a better way, but a different way. I couldn't measure up to how they treated it.
Whew, thanks for Singer to clearing that up, Superman is a world citizen and fighting for the American way is just a bit to American for him. I do suspect it was left out for business purposes as well. Speaking of which, USA Today Weekend has a cover story titled "Meet the New Superman." When you read a title like that certain images pop into your head....looking like the new age Brawny paper towel guy is not one of them. Update# Via Reuters this preview with minor spoilers on the movie.
In "Superman: The Movie," the 1978 film by director Richard Donner, the late Christopher Reeve rescued the iconic superhero from high camp with the sincerity and warmth of his acting. His Superman was a romantic charmer. Director Bryan Singer positions this new film as a sequel to Donner's film, and his Superman -- played with winning fortitude by newcomer Brandon Routh -- is less a Man of Steel than a Man of Heart. While Routh is the same age as Reeve when he played the role, Routh's Superman is older in spirit. His Superman has known heartbreak and loss. He thinks about his deceased father and must consider the possibility that he might have a son. He even faces his own mortality. In other words, Singer wants to put human emotions into his alien superhero, and for the most part, he succeeds.
Its a chick flick and Superman is emo. I knew it!

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