Saturday, June 03, 2006

So.. whats with Mississauga?

Canada: Catching up on more details coming from Canada about the terror arrests and Mississauga has caught the attention of some because six of the suspects came from there.

At a news conference earlier in the day, a CSIS official said a series of terrorist attacks plotted against unspecified targets in southern Ontario were “inspired by Al Qaeda,” adding that the ring of suspects arrested posed a “real and serious” threat. Three tonnes of ammonium nitrate, a commonly used fertilizer used to make explosives, were recovered by police, who say that’s three times the amount used in the bombing of a government building in Oklahoma that killed 168 people. “It was their intent to use it for a terrorist attack,” RCMP assistant commissioner Mike McDonell told a news conference in Toronto. “If I can put this in context for you, the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people was completed with only one tonne of ammonium nitrate.” “This group posed a real and serious threat,” he added. “It had the capacity and intent to carry out these acts.” A source who asked not to be named said information provided by U.S. officials played a part in the Canadian arrests. ....The RCMP arrested and charged 12 men and another five people under the age of 18. Of the adults, six are from Mississauga, four are from Toronto and two are from Kingston in the eastern part of the province. Most were Canadian citizens or residents. Police described them as coming from a broad “strata” of society. Some are students, some are employed, some are unemployed. The adults range in age from 19 to 43.
Mississauga was in the news earlier last year during the Canadian election when a supporter of Omar Alghabra had this to say.
After the vote cast was counted and the announcement was made that Mr. Alghabra has won; Mr. Khaled Outhman a principal supporter of Mr. Alghabra held the microphone and shouted (inside a hall in a Christian community center) “The result tonight is a prove for Muslims unity and a victory for Islam, and that Arab mean Muslims and although Mr. Hazineh (the riding president) keep telling me he is a Christian I am telling him that he better be a muslim” He also said that this is the beginning to take over other ridings in Mississauga and later take over Canada. He also added “Do not vote Conservative they are against Islam and Muslims”. For each of this statement the Alghabra’s supporters cheered and clapped.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup. Toronto Star has continuous updates.

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