Sunday, June 25, 2006

Swedish Bomb Belt drama ends.

EU: Okay, not every day you see have someone walking around Sweden with a bomb belt.

Swedish police have removed a suspected bomb belt from around the waist of a man who claims he was abducted and forced to wear the device. Officers evacuated buildings and blocked off streets in Tensta, a suburb of Stockholm, after the man claimed he had a bomb belt around his waist. The removal brought a six-hour stand-off on Sunday to an end. The device is now being analysed by police and the man - believed to be in his twenties - is being questioned. "We are working on the assumption that this really is a bomb and it will be blown up today," police officer Diana Sundin told AFP news agency. He claims he was kidnapped three days ago and that someone else put the belt on him. Jasser Mohammed Ali, who works at a nearby shop, told Swedish news agency TT: "He behaved in a weird way and just sat there crying," "He has something around his waist and in his hand."

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