Friday, June 23, 2006

Terror arrests in Miami, some names given out.

Terrorism: HotAir and Michelle Malkin are all over it with various wire reports, locally the Miami Herald has this.

"....Family identified one of the men arrested as Stanley Phanor, 31, who called the warehouse the group's place of worship. According to Stanley's sister, the group, which formed about a year ago, called itself the Seas of David. The 40 to 50 members consider themselves ''soldiers of God'' and are against the war in Iraq. Like soldiers, they incorporate discipline into their daily lives: exercise, no drinking, no drugs and no meat. Last year, Marlene Phanor said, her brother and other members of the group drove to Chicago. Added Phanor's mother, also named Marlene Phanor: ``If my son were a terrorist, the earth would open up and swallow me now.'' Another man was identified by his godmother as Nasir Baptiste, 32, according to Herald news partner WFOR-CBS4. The godmother, Ariane Webster, insisted Baptiste wasn't involved in any terror activity. She said he is a construction worker and martial arts expert. FBI agents also took Baptiste's wife to their office for questioning Thursday. Miami police and the FBI declined to comment. The names of the two men could not be independently verified. DRESSED IN FATIGUES Neighbors near the warehouse described the men as dressing in fatigues and talking about giving their lives to God. ''They said it was a karate school,'' Benjamin Williams, 17, said of the warehouse. ``They used to be out around 11 at night, practicing like they were in the military or something . . . push-ups, jumping jacks and jumping over chairs.'' Another neighbor said: ``They would be gone all day and come back at night to the warehouse to sleep. They sold shampoo and hair grease on the street.''

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