Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Toussaint worms his way to Trinidad.

Trinidad: As if the country has enough problems this wealth redistribution socialist idiot goes down to ask for more militant unions.

New York-based labour leader Roger Toussaint said yesterday that the abundance of wealth in Trinidad and Tobago was the cause of many social problems now plaguing the country. Toussaint said the fight in Trinidad was over the amount of wealth in the country, of which large amounts are held by the French Creoles, Syrians and other people who wanted to "hog everything and deprive the masses of people of they rightly deserve". He said T&T was experiencing a defining moment in terms of what was going to happen over the next twenty five years, with the tremendous amount of oil and gas it is producing. Toussaint called on the Trinidad labour movement to unite, stating that "if this movement does not unite and go back to the traditional labour movement practices, the country would be robbed of what it truly deserves". Toussaint, president of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100, made the comments as he delivered the feature address at the annual Labour Day rally at Charlie King Junction in Fyzabad.
Who are these other people and why pick on the Syrians and Creoles? Across the board by race you have groups within who have made a wealthy lifestyle for themselves, but hoarding the money? Look at the government over the past couple of decades who have stolen the money from the treasury. Don't pick on the people who make the country go, though with the kidnapping and crime they may not be there in person to go after in the country.
Toussaint, who was born in Laventille in 1956, moved to Brooklyn in 1974 at the age of 18. His last visit to Trinidad was in 1976, when he assisted workers at Fyzabad in an industrial dispute involving a local construction contractor. Toussaint said if the labour movement in Trinidad is to be effective it has to become more militant. "We need to be militant or they would rob you of your talent," he said.
Ah yes, after his successful militant action last christmas in NYC that is surely the best way to go. First the unions need to come together, which knowing the greed and power hunger that flows thru them, that won't happen anytime soon.
Toussaint said on his return to the Laventille/Morvant areas, all he saw on the faces of the youths was "a coldness and visible signs of desperation." He said he was also saddened on a visit to Morvant to hear of the number of shootings in the area. He said the situation at Laventille should not exist, and for it to exist there "is something wrong in the society."
Which won't be fixed by grabbing the money from those who earned to give to those because they feel they "deserve it." It never works out.

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