Friday, June 02, 2006

UK terror raid roundup.

UK: Some of the comments from people at the scene seems eyebrow raising.

The crowd of onlookers, mainly young men of Asian origin, reflecting the ethnic makeup of this suburb in east London, were mainly curious to watch the activity of the police and 50 or so reporters. Some, though, expressed some suspicion of the raid. Kaisar Hussain, a 23-year-old road maintenance worker who lives across from the raided house and said he attended the same school as the injured man, described how he last saw him cleaning his motorbike last weekend. He said, "They were targeted because they were young black brothers. It is traditional that in this country you cannot have jihad." Thalat Mahmood, a 24-year-old shop owner, said, "They won't find nothing. You need surveillance, you can't attack for no reason." Mr Mahmood described how both "brothers", who had become more observant after 9/11, worshipped at the mosque just around the corner from Lansdown Road.
Meantime, Iqbal Sacranie does the professional Muslim group talk about you wouldn't have been hit with violence if you didn't anger Muslims talk.
Sir Iqbal Sacranie, head of the Muslim Council of Britain, has claimed that the London bombings would not have happened if Britain had not invaded Iraq. Sir Iqbal, who is stepping down as secretary general of the Council after four years, told the BBC this morning that Britain is "suffering the consequences" of the conflict "I think if we had not gone to Iraq, the situation perhaps would not have been where we are today," he said. Asked if a terror attack, as seen in London on July 7, would have happened if Britain had not entered Iraq, he replied: "I personally don't think that would have happened, as much as one simply, utterly and totally condemns what act took place and cannot ever relate it to any justification by any person to carry out those acts, acts of criminality."
This is a defacto S.O.P from Muslim groups who claim to speak for all in various countries like Australia, U.K., Canada, New Zealand use the terrorist actions to gain an advantage over the rest of the country. More from The Sun:
The peace in the normally quiet Forest Gate area was shattered just before 4am when more than 200 officers descended as part of a major terrorism operation. It is believed two terrace houses knocked together at number 46 Lansdown Road was the target of the raid where three Bengali brothers live with their parents and two sisters. Neighbour Dimple Hirani said: "I heard a loud noise - I thought it sounded like a gunshot and when I looked out I saw 20 officers in special uniforms outside the house." The 21-year-old student went to school with one of the brothers whose terraced house was raided. She said: "He is scruffy looking and recently had become very religious. I noticed he was wearing a gown a couple of months ago. "I'd see him round with his two brothers but wouldn't stop to talk to him. "It is creepy there are people like this living on your doorstep." It is suspected the property was being used as a bomb-making facility or chemical laboratory.

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