Monday, July 31, 2006

Abraham Foxman didn't take long to put his foot in his mouth.

Entertainment: Regarding Mel Gibson arrest and comments, Abe Foxman who irritates me on the same level as Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton come up with this stupid solution.

Gibson's reported criticism of Jews, contained in a leaked police report detailing his arrest early on Friday morning, included the phrase: "F*****g Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." He has since apologised for his actions, saying they were "despicable", but community Jewish leaders called for Gibson to be ostracised from Hollywood, where the A-list actor is considered an industry powerbroker. Calling for a criminal investigation into the Oscar-winning actor and director's remarks, Abraham Foxman, the national director of the US Jewish Anti-Defamation League, said: "We believe there should be consequences to bigots and bigotry."
Thought police is not something looked upon favorably in these parts and on what grounds are you going to open up a criminal investigation? Once again Abe takes these past the breaking point when he is on solid ground, never fails.

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