Friday, July 07, 2006

Airbus A350 may be delayed.

Bidness: This company is a mess.

"...Officially, EADS insists that a decision on the A350 is still possible by Farnborough but neither it, BAE or Airbus has been able to confirm exactly when M Streiff will be confirmed as chief executive. He was nominated last weekend after Gustav Humbert, his predecessor, was ousted because of delays to anther project, the A380 super-jumbo. M Streiff’s appointment is not expected to be confirmed until the start of next week — about the same time that Airbus is understood to have scheduled meetings formally to approve the A350. That could give M Streiff, who has no aviation experience, only days or even hours to come to grips with this enormous project. A source said: “There is a possibility of him saying the A350 project is too much for him to give an OK to when he is just days into the job.” A City analyst said: “After the production delays for the A380, another delay in another project would be hugely damaging for Airbus. However, it is too important not to get right and longer term nobody will blame Streiff for taking more time.” The A350 is a wide-bodied aircraft that will seat at least 250 and go head to head with Boeing’s new 787, dubbed the Dreamliner. Airbus’s initial designs for the A350 did not receive a warm reception from airlines and the jet-builder was forced to draw up new proposals. This is thought to have caused a significant increase in development costs, with estimates now up to £7 billion. "

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