Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Alton Towers Muslim day ruins couple's wedding day.

UK: I love the break down barriers talk when they are ordering the couple about.

A LEEDS couple's wedding at Alton Towers has been thrown into chaos – because the theme park is staging a Muslim fun day on their big weekend. Amanda Morris and Scott Lee are angry that they face being forced to go on separate rides when they celebrate their wedding. And their 60 guests will have to follow other rules, including being fully covered up, under conditions set by organisers of the first Muslim fun day on Sunday September 17. The couple from Bramley, Leeds, have paid £5,000 for the wedding at the Alton Towers Resort on September 16 and then to spend the next day on the rides with their guests. But up to 28,000 Muslims are expected that day, when there will be no music, alcohol or gambling. Prayer areas will be set aside. Amanda, 30, a recruitment sales advisor, said: "We have been to Alton Towers a lot as it's a great fun day out. Our family and friends have a lot of young children and we thought it would be a great idea to include that in our wedding plans. "I don't think we should have to wear specific dress and be told what we can and can't do. And their rules on ride segregation means that Scott and I won't be able to go on them together."
A PR point of view this is a disaster for the park and the idiots who booked the park with rules that would rub others the wrong way. Unless they paid up enough to get the park for themselves only, these rules are wrong in the United Kingdom.
Yaseen Patel, director of Islamic Leisure, confirmed the wedding party would have to adhere to terms and conditions. On the dress code issue Mr Patel said: "The body will have to be covered. But they do not have to wear the hijab (head scarf)." Mr Patel said nearly 80 per cent of the park would be available for families to enjoy together."Designated adult rides will be rotated between men and women throughout the day," he said. He added the event was abut helping to break down barriers: "It will be a peaceful family environment. And we would like to offer the couple two complimentary tickets." A spokeswoman for Alton Towers told the YEP: "We sincerely apologise for the way in which the wedding party were informed of the event taking place on September 17. "We are currently discussing all the options available with the party, and are confident we will ensure their wedding weekend is everything they dreamed it would be."
Breaking down barriers by demanding they follow Islamic customs? That works in warped sense of reality. The park should fully refund the couple and pay the expenses that have occured so far.

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