Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Black people: Boycott Target!

Bidness: As Target delivers a slap to the NAACP for its diversity survey.

Five companies under fire Of the 50 companies contacted by the NAACP, five ignored the survey, including four retailers: Dillard’s Inc.; Kohl’s Corp.; Sears, Roebuck and Co.; and Target Corp. All were given Fs for not answering. The other company that failed to answer was Excel, a telecommunications company; it also received an F. Gordon called on black Americans to stop shopping at Target, in particular, until they answer the NAACP’s questions — though he stopped short of calling the action a boycott. “They didn’t even care to respond to our survey,” he said. “Stay out of their stores.” The NAACP focused on Target because it is one of the nation’s most prominent national retailers, said John C. White, NAACP spokesman. However, the group does not plan to picket or leaflet Target, but will rely on word of mouth, he said. A Target spokeswoman said via e-mail that the company opted out of the survey “because Target views diversity as being inclusive of all people from all different backgrounds, not just one group.” The NAACP survey asks only about black Americans. She added that minorities make up 40 percent of Target employees and 23 percent of all officials and managers.
You get the feeling that Bruce Gordon or the NAACP is really not 100% behind call of not shopping at Target? Leaving it up to word of mouth? That is not going to work and this shows how weak the organization has become these days as major retailers just blow off the survey. Target though got a good hit on them by explaining diversity is more than one group. They can't argue against that without looking like a fool.

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