Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CAIR finally learns from its overseas companions

Terrorism: I was wondering when they would start to clearly use Islamic terrorist acts and murders to push their agenda like the MCB over in the UK does all the time. It looks like the San Antonio CAIR leader is starting up that act.

The recent deaths of the two young American soldiers in Iraq are another extremely painful reminder of the unnecessary war we are fighting in Iraq and its tragic consequences. On behalf of the American Muslim community, I extend our sincerest condolences to the families of Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, and Pfc. Thomas Tucker, 25, for their tragic loss. We are deeply disturbed by the way they were barbarically tortured and killed. We do not know for sure who perpetrated these crimes or who the killers were. They could be insurgents, al-Qaida affiliates or just petty criminals. Regardless, there is no doubt that they are cold-blooded murderers. As soon as the news reports of the slayings appeared, the Muslim community started receiving blame, accusations of collective guilt and demands for apologies. If such apologies and condemnation statements, which Muslim organizations and groups issue each time any such crime is committed against coalition soldiers, would prevent further killings, these latest murders would not have taken place. Instead of this juvenile blame game, which does not achieve any constructive understanding, let all of us Americans join hands and truly start working together to stop any more loss of lives. These brutal, savage and barbaric killings are a product of every war fought in history. As Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, said, “The truth is that in the name of fighting terrorism we are creating more terrorists.” ... For the sake of not losing anymore lives to this unprecedented war, we must demand an unconditional withdrawal of all American forces from the war zone. Nearly 60 percent of Americans in a recent Pew Research Center study regard the decision to invade and occupy Iraq as wrong from the start. In support of keeping our troops at war for an unspecified time, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said, “Withdrawal is not an option; surrender is not a solution.” Sure, we all understand that pulling out of Iraq is not going to be that easy. But then again, it is not easy to see our sons and daughters lose their lives in this unnecessary war either. We cannot continue to commit our young boys and girls for an open-ended military occupation of this oil-rich country. It is time for action. “Withdrawal” means saving lives. It will never constitute “surrender.” On the contrary, withdrawal will be regarded as an act of courage and heroism in the annals of history.
Slimy unvarnished indepth look at how CAIR leaders really think and why they cannot be trusted. Good going Sarwat Husain.

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