Saturday, July 01, 2006

France passes immigration bill.

EU: This ticks off the open border leftist in France who can't believe of a plan that favors France allowing in workers of their choosing. AFP loads up the opposition in the first sentence.

PARIS, June 30 — The French Parliament on Friday approved a divisive new immigration law that tilts the system in favor of qualified foreign workers and increases restrictions on others. The vote coincided with a growing furor over threats by the government to deport school-age children whose parents are illegal immigrants, which is expected to be the focus of a mass protest in Paris on Saturday. The law, proposed by the conservative interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, creates a new type of residence permit — named a "skills and talents permit" — for foreigners with qualifications that are judged to be important for the French economy. It also increases restrictions on migrants moving to France to join their families. Foreigners will be allowed into the country only if they can earn an income, and the foreign spouses of French citizens will have to wait longer for residence cards — a move designed to combat convenience marriages. Migrants will be forced to sign an "integration contract" committing them to respect the French way of life. The law also scraps regulations that previously allowed illegal immigrants to obtain French documents if they succeeded in living in the country for 10 years. Now their cases will be dealt with on an individual basis. The law has prompted a strong reaction from the left-wing opposition, human rights groups, the Roman Catholic Church and some African countries. Critics say it will skim off the most talented people from countries where they are badly needed while making life harder for ordinary migrants. "Keeping the best and sending back the worst is not exactly Christian," said Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the archbishop of Lyon.

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