Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hey Voinovich, your apology sucks.

Politics: Nice to see crybaby come around on Bolton with his non-apology apology.

"....My original concerns about Bolton involved his interpersonal skills. Also of concern was his reputation for straying off message and a tendency to "go it alone" instead of working to build consensus with his colleagues. I have met and spoken regularly with him since his appointment, discussing my hope that the United States would indeed build such a consensus at the United Nations and work with our allies. My observations are that while Bolton is not perfect, he has demonstrated his ability, especially in recent months, to work with others and follow the president's lead by working multilaterally. In recent weeks I have watched him react to the challenges involving North Korea, Iran and now the Middle East, speaking on behalf of the United States. I believe Bolton has been tempered and focused on speaking for the administration. He has referred regularly to "my instructions" from Washington, while also displaying his own clear and strong grasp of the issues and the way forward within the Security Council. He has stood many times side by side with his colleagues from Japan, Britain, Canada and other countries, showing a commitment to cooperation within the United Nations."
Yes, Bolton is following his instruction, that is what made him a better rep for America in the UN. Give me a break,Bolton has always showed a grasp of the issues and how to make the security council work. You crybaby senator from Ohio was the one who waltzed into the hearing, heard about 10 mins from the Dem and became "concerned." In spite of your idiotic moves, Bolton has shown what conservatives wanted from him at the UN, a no nonsense approach without cutting off America at the knees just to get along. Nice of you to jump on the bandwagon.

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