Monday, July 10, 2006

How to skip a story by the NYTIMES, Wash Post.

Nation: Hitting various site, I see Editor and Publisher the left falling site with a story about a letter that the NYTIMES got written by Rep. Pete Hoekstra about some secret programs that the White House hasn't told them. Washington Post also did a writeup. But the letter seen here on the Times website. But the interesting part is Hoekstra allegation of a faction in the CIA who is hellbent on cutting the knees right out of the Bush Admins policies. Via Justoneminute.

I understand that Mr. Kappes is a capable, well-qualified, and well-liked former Directorate of Operations (DO) case officer. I am heartened by the professional qualities he would bring to the job, but concerned by what could be the political problems that he could bring back to the agency. There has been much public and private speculation about the politicization of the Agency. I am convinced that this politicization was underway well before Porter Goss became the Director. In fact, I have long been convinced that a strong and well-positioned group within the Agency intentionally undermined the Administration and its policies. This argument is supported by the Ambassador Wilson/Valerie Plame events, as well as by the string of unauthorized disclosures from an organization that prides itself with being able to keep secrets. I have come to the belief that, despite his service to the DO, Mr. Kappes may have been a part of this group. I must take note when my Democratic colleagues - those who so vehemently denounced and now publicly attacked the strong choice of Porter Goss as Director - now publicly support Mr. Kappes’s return.
As Tom Maguire pointed out.
Is the Times kidding? The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is "convinced" that a CIA faction is intent on discrediting the Administration and that the Plame story is part of their scheming, and the Times can barely mention it? (Or maybe I'm kidding - the WaPo does not mention it at all. Did I pick a bad morning to switch to decaf, or did they? More on the WaPo below.)
So far the only major newswire worldwide to point it out as a lead story is the network.
Dissident CIA faction 'exposed' From correspondents in Washington 10jul06 A HIGH-ranking Republican congressman has exposed what he sees as a dissident faction within the CIA that he says "intentionally undermined" the policies of US President George W Bush. Rumours about the existence of such a group have circulated in the US capital for a long time, but the comments by Representative Peter Hoekstra, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, marks the first time they were confirmed by an official with intimate knowledge of the intelligence community. "In fact, I have been long concerned that a strong and well-positioned group within the agency intentionally undermined the administration and its policies," Mr Hoekstra wrote in a letter to Mr Bush dated May 18, and made public today. The CIA has refused to comment on the charge. The document has been obtained by The New York Times and posted on its website in its entirety. Mr Hoekstra confirmed its authenticity in a television interview today, but did not elaborate on his concerns.
This is a juicy story but for the NYTIMES or Washington Post to follow up on it as a real paper would is not possible since they would mean be turning on their personal leakers.

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