Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Islamists kill two people for watching world cup.

Africa: As Solmolia turns into a sharia state led by crazy people.

Two people are reported dead after Islamist gunmen in central Somalia opened fire in a cinema where people were watching a banned World Cup match. The cinema owner and a young girl were reportedly killed by militia loyal to the Union of Islamic Courts, who seized control of parts of Somalia last month. The courts have introduced Sharia law in areas under their authority, including a World Cup broadcast ban. Somalia has had no effective central government since 1992. According to reports on a Somali news network, gunmen arrived to close down the cinema in the town of Dhuusa Marreeb in central Galgadud district, where a crowd had gathered to watch the Germany-Italy World Cup semi-final. Some of the football fans began to protest and according to reports, the gunmen fired in the air in an attempt to disperse them. When this failed, shots were fired at the demonstrators and two people were killed. The Islamic courts have introduced Sharia, Islamic law based on an eye for eye system of justice, in areas under their authority. This has included in some parts a ban on cinemas and on broadcasts of World Cup games because they have carried advertisements for alcohol.

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