Monday, July 10, 2006

John Malkovich: reporters are thin-skinned whiners.

Media: Via Guardian. The Robert Fisk hate is icing.

"....He has never explained his hatred of Robert Fisk, the Independent’s Middle East correspondent. At the Cambridge Union in 2002, Malkovich was asked whom he would like to fight to the death. He said George Galloway and Fisk, adding: ‘I’d rather just shoot them.’ It was a throwaway remark but Fisk blew it up into a major story with an article entitled ‘Why does John Malkovich want to kill me?’ The trouble was that nobody answered the question, so I asked it now: why did he want to kill Fisk? ‘I hate somebody who is supposed to be a Middle Eastern expert who thinks Jesus was born in Jerusalem. I hate what I consider his vile anti-semitism.’ Anything else? His sanctimoniousness perhaps? ‘You’re doing well so far! I’m a [Christopher] Hitchens fan myself. But no one has thinner skins than journalists, in my experience, and I come from a family of them [his mother owns the Benton Evening News in Illinois, his brother edits it]. They can dish it out but they can’t take it. But the reason I don’t like the topic, why I don’t really say anything about a whiner like Fisk, is it gives them more oxygen.’
If you ever need proof of they can dish it out and can't take it, take a look at Romenesko today. The defense of the Keller and the NYTIMES is borderline hysteria.

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