Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Keith Olbermann's groupie lashes out.

Media: Via Jossip.

All those harsh emails penned by Keith Olbermann and reprinted by Lloyd Grove? Now they've got a blog of their own, penned by the very woman whose correspondence with Keith have drawn some ire from industry insiders. From slamming colleague Rita Cosby to sending on-camera personal messages to his female viewer, Keith's notes expose more than his four-letter vocabulary: they also point to an off-air sexual relationship he maintained with "KarmaBites1." From what we've gathered, this lass started an email friendship with Keith that went on for over a year. Keith then invited her to New York for a week where he was quite the gentleman. That was until they consumated their anchor-viewer relationship (and she stole his tie was given his tie, which she considered auctioning off on eBay), when he supposedly told her he had a dead relative and could no longer see her again. And that's when he stopped returning emails and phone calls — thus KarmaBites1's bitterness toward the MSNBC host. After the jump we've reposted some of their email communications.
This could have been a play misty for me moment, but never cross up a woman like that, it is dangerous.

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