Monday, July 24, 2006

Liberal Bob Herbert cries about Israel.

Media: The boot sucking lackeys of the NYTIMES bring their enlightenment to the opinion pages.

NEW YORK First it was Nicholas Kristof. Now his colleague on the opinion page at The New York Times, Bob Herbert, has joined him as one of the very few pundits to clearly criticize the extent of the Israeli bombing campaign against Lebanon. Few newspapers have carried editorials opposing the massive level of Israeli response and most of the leading liberal bloggers have also refused to take on that issue. "It’s too late now," Herbert writes in his Monday oclumn, "but Israel could have used a friend in the early stages of its war with Hezbollah — a friend who could have tugged at its sleeve and said: 'O.K. We understand. But enough.' That friend should have been the United States." ....."As a true friend of Israel, the task of the United States is to work as strenuously as possible to find real solutions to Israel’s security. The first step in that process, as far as the current crisis is concerned, would logically have been to try and broker a cease-fire.
Herbert and Kristof so lovingly bring their pacifist nonsense without this simple question answered. How do you discuss a ceasefire with a terrorist group that answers to no one but themselves? Do you think that Hezbollah who first came to the international scene by killing over 200 U.S. Marines in the early 80's gives a damn? They cannot make peace with Israel, neither can Hamas or any other terrorist group. Its not in their nature to make peace since they have been created to eliminate Israel and everyone in it. When people like Kristof and Herbert answer that question in a realistic manner, then maybe someone should give a damn.

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