Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lil John hit causes 2 deaths in Dallas nightclub.

Crime: Another fine moment for the hip-hop community and fans.

Two gangs declared a truce to celebrate a birthday. But police say one song shattered the peace. For about an hour Sunday night, the leaders of two gangs – which remain unnamed by Dallas police officials – put rivalries aside, allowing a party at El Angel in the 600 block of North Harwood Street downtown to continue trouble-free. That is, according to police, until the DJ began booming "Put Yo Hood Up," a raunchy call-to-action gangsta anthem that police said practically sparked a riot inside the club. The result was two young men – Lendl Carey, 22, and Kenneth Haggerty, 20 – shot dead in the streets outside the club. Injured were Dewayne Braxton, 24; Christopher Finley, 20; Jabari Andrews, 19; and Cornelius Finley, 19. They were treated and released from the hospital. Police on Monday continued the search for the shooters and were reviewing parking lot surveillance tapes for clues to who was present and who was shooting. But authorities laid the blame for how the fight began squarely on the rap song's lyrics. "Witnesses said this was the flashpoint," said Deputy Chief Alfredo Saldana, who heads the crimes against persons division. Police said that it is not confirmed that everyone who attended the club that night was in a gang. A mother whose son was celebrating his birthday there over the weekend said her son was not affiliated. Marcus Francia, the brother of the man whose 21st birthday was being celebrated, said what police have labeled as a gang fight was a spontaneous conflict between young men from different neighborhoods. "It's not really gang violence. We don't even know those boys," Mr. Francia, 20, said of the men who killed his friends. "Everyone in there was against us. I guess the majority of people were from the same hood." Mr. Francia, his brother and their friends are from East Dallas. He said he thought the shooters were from Pleasant Grove. He challenged the police's assertion that the song "Put Yo Hood Up" sparked the mayhem. "The songs played, they have nothing to do with nothing," Mr. Francia said. "I've been to a lot of clubs, and they play the same songs at every club. I don't think that would prompt nobody." He explained flashing a sign representing a part of town, or throwing one's hood, happens at clubs regardless of what's playing. "People throw their hood with every song played. That one probably made them throw their hood more than usual," said Mr. Francia, whose mother is a telephone operator at The Dallas Morning News.
Lets look at a sample of these destructive lyrics, as always NSFW if you choose to read these fine words out loud.
[Verse 2] If you scared to throw it up get the fuck out the club [2X] If you don't give a fuck then throw that muthafucka up [2X] I'm wit my niggas in this bitch, and you know we fucked up [2X] We clicked up 30 deep and we always strapped up [2X] Who you wit nigga? Who you wit nigga? Who you wit get crunk, who you wit nigga? [2X] Well who run this bitch? We run this bitch! [4X] [Chorus] Aye, check dis out I need all my real niggas and bitches To look around the muthafuckin' club If you see a nigga and he throwin' up a set and it aint yo' set Or it aint yo' click I want chall niggas to tell dem' niggas like dis I want you to get up in that muthafucka' face And do dis shit...
Now the only way these lyrics could move a crowd to start fighting and shooting at each other is because.... It was a nigga moment. Definite NSFW. (TM Boondocks.) I am too tired to go on another ramble about hip-hop and some of the lesser fans yet again. Two people are dead over nothing. Sorry, over a song because some people decided to keep it reaaaaaal and represent da hood, two people are dead. I guess in some sick minds that is over something.

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