Sunday, July 16, 2006

Londonistan allows radical cleric in as usual.

UK: If I had to pick a place for the starting point of the mythical Eurabia, London is pulling away as #1.

A RADICAL Muslim cleric who claims Britain DESERVES suicide bombings has been allowed in the country by ministers. The Foreign Office gave twisted Delwar Hossain Sayeedi a visa saying he “does not meet the criteria for refusal”. And today he will join an East London rally with Respect MP George Galloway. After the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, Sayeedi said: “Britain and America deserve all that is coming to them.” He has also declared: “So what if the Taliban is destroyed? The war against America will continue.” He has stoked up violence on previous visits to Britain. Five Bengali elders were beaten up in Oldham, allegedly by his followers. Yet the Foreign Office refused to keep him out. And Mockbul Ali, the Foreign Office’s Islamic issues adviser, says his radical views SHOULD be heard. Last night Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: “This totally undermines Tony Blair’s claims to be tough on those who incite terror and hatred.” Sayeedi’s speeches have also inflamed violence worldwide. One is thought to have led indirectly to a bomb attack against the British High Commissioner in Bangladesh. Another could have led to the stabbing of moderate Bangladeshi author Humayun Azad in February 2004. He died six months later. He has also made statements calling for war against Britain and the US. Leaked emails show other Foreign Office advisers warning against him coming. One, Eric Taylor, wrote: “Sayeedi has made a particularly offensive comment about Bangladeshi Hindus, comparing them to excrement. Previous visits to the UK have been reportedly marred by violence caused by his supporters.” But Ali — whose salary is met by UK taxpayers — warned refusing his visa could backfire. He wrote: “He is someone who has a very big following in the mainstream British Bangladeshi Muslim community and is viewed as a mainstream Muslim. “Any steps taken on his exclusion from the UK must take that into account.”
I guess that is the new rules in the UK, could be nutty as a peanut bar, but if he has a large following and considered "mainstream"(that is a scary thought) just let him in or something somewhere at sometime might happen to you. Effective method.

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