Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Louis Farrakhan says don't talk bad about black leaders.

Culture: If you do, you are just a tool of the white man! Black "leaders" are beyond your criticisms. You tell those uppity negroes whatfor Minister!

MINISTER Louis Farrakhan on Monday criticized African-Americans who denigrate their leaders, saying that's the way their "masters" taught them. Farrakhan, making the last speech at the Essence Music Festival's empowerment seminars, cited an example of actress Mo'Nique saying Jackson was "pimping." "Jesse Jackson served black folks immeasurably," Farrakhan said. "When that man stood up to become president of the United States — and you saw that man debate the best that white people had to offer and beat them hands down — he gave all black children hope that we can rule this country." The leader of the Nation of Islam, who delivered an hourlong speech, also criticized attacks against the Rev. Al Sharpton and Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League. He didn't cite specifics. "You destroy your leaders because you focus on the negative things about them and that's the way the master taught us, to destroy each other," Farrakhan said. "And that's why we kill our own leaders. Oh, it's easy to say, 'I have a dream today.' But not many of us marched with Martin (Luther King Jr.)" He said blacks benefited from King and the civil rights movement. "I didn't march with Martin, not me. Because I'm not nonviolent. ... Somebody strikes me on my cheek and I'm going to bust you on your you know what," Farrakhan said, evoking one of his many standing ovations.

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