Sunday, July 16, 2006

NAACP Bond's invites President Bush to conference.

Nation: President Bush should tell Bond to get bent in an ideal world. Julian Bond is nothing more than a loud mouth gadfly prone to say things that would make him the black Ann Coulter. Get rid of him and half of the organization's problem would go away.

WASHINGTON - Julian Bond has condemned the war in Iraq and administration policy on education and the economy, yet the NAACP’s chairman is urging President Bush to attend the civil rights group’s annual convention. “We are eminently hopeful that the president will come,” said Bond, whose speech Sunday evening helps kick off this week’s conference. Bush has avoided the conventions since taking office in 2001. His schedule for Wednesday lists an event with the notation “TBA,” or to be announced.
On the other hand, the new President of NAACP, Bruce Gordon is getting deserved praise in trying to turn the place around from being an irrelevent mass which has been caused by the likes of Bond.
The retired businessman has been president of the NAACP for less than a year. But as he presides over his first national convention with the group this week in Washington, he has already overcome the low expectations of many critics, who figured a corporate type had little to offer a group with a history of upending the status quo. It isn’t so much what the former Verizon executive has accomplished as what he has started to do that has earned praise. For instance, he has worked on repairing frayed ties with the Bush administration, is advocating for Hurricane Katrina victims and kicked off an overhaul of the NAACP’s structure and staff. Now Gordon is facing tougher work — reviving stagnant membership and pushing a civil rights agenda in a conservative national climate. “I was very skeptical about him coming on, but when I look at the extraordinary challenges he’s faced in his first year — I’ve seen him engaged,” said Ronald Walters, a political scientist at the University of Maryland. “I give him high marks for trying, but it hasn’t yielded very much.”
The man can't work miracles in a year, look at the situation he came into when he took the job.
"Wanted: More members That’s particularly important because Gordon wants to fatten the membership rolls. For years, NAACP officials said the group had 500,000 members, but Gordon said that number is closer to 200,000. “We need to be a million,” he said. That also would help the NAACP’s finances. Tax returns for 2004, the most recent year available, show the group spent nearly $4 million more than it took in, its third consecutive deficit. “Bruce Gordon has done what he’s needed to do, but his sort of internship is over,” Bositis said. “If he’s going to make a mark, he’s got to start doing some things that really show up.”

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