Friday, July 07, 2006

North Korea tells Japan drop sanctions or else.

World: Someone is just asking for beatdown.

North Korea on Friday demanded that Japan withdraw sanctions it has imposed on the country in reaction to Pyongyang's test-firing of ballistic missiles, warning that the North would take ''stronger measures'' should Tokyo continue along its current path. Song Il Ho, North Korea's ambassador in charge of diplomatic normalization talks with Japan, also told reporters the North does not see the missile launches as violating a 2002 bilateral declaration with Japan, adding it believes it is still possible for the two countries to hold talks on their ties. ''Japan has announced sanctions, but I think it is in the interest of Japan to halt them,'' Song said. The sanctions ''would force us to take stronger physical actions'' as a response, he added. Asked what those steps may be, Song said, ''I leave that to your imagination.''

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