Saturday, July 08, 2006

Plea to the Guardian: Stop publishing the dumb Muslims.

Terrorism: Yet another appeasement blame the west article published on 7/7 anniversary of the London Bombings by the London Guardian by Rajnaara Akhtar.

So what have we learnt? Clearly, Tony Blair is still playing deaf and dumb and his comments this week made me think one thing - if he would stop creating terrorists, perhaps the Muslim community wouldn't have to then root them out for him. Our government continues to fail to recognise that it played a role in the attacks of July 7, but this cannot stand up to even the lightest scrutiny. Although I personally don't lay the blame for the radicalisation of young Muslim men entirely at the feet of our foreign policy, the release of Shehzad Tanweer's video suggests at least the tragedy of July 7 was driven in the main by men sympathetic to the plight of thousands of innocent civilians who died because of our government's actions. For those actions, we paid the price with over 50 British civilian lives. In the analysis of what leads to terrorism, many theories have been propounded. While there are numerous factors such as social issues, fundamentalist influences and disaffection with the government that have been blamed for political extremism, the London bombers did not fall within such a mould. When Blair tells us that we, as a community, are not doing enough to root out terrorists, he is assuming we have influence over any radicalism that exists and that those with extreme views are open about their feelings and intentions. He is refusing to pay heed to the ghost of the bombers telling us exactly why they carried out their ghastly mission. Until this government stops laying the blame and responsibility with those who are largely powerless to prevent terrorism, we will all continue to live in perpetual fear of another strike.
Here is the summary : If you don't do as us Muslim say, then some of us will register our complaints by bombing your infidel asses. That for some reason has become in her mind a nice way of political discourse and helps to push thru an agenda to her liking. This is the same nonsense that other Muslim "leaders" have pushed since 9/11 and more so in the UK since 7/7.

I have said this before but it bears repeating, the most arrogant self serving group of Muslims are UK Muslims. They are an embarrassment to Islam and its teachings. To use the bombings as some sort of lesson that hasn't been learned takes a level of sickness and victimology that should be condemned.

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