Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This is why I have come to love the Guardian.

Media: Andrew Murray posts a bit on the Guardian blog hailing the new alliance of Muslim and the left.

"....So it is to a large extent up to us, and the political culture we generate and sustain. The alliance of the Muslim communities and the left is an alliance of struggle and an alliance of values, not of party politics. British Muslims vote for political parties almost across the board, yet almost none of them support the war in Iraq or the measures restricting civil liberties advanced by the government after 7/7. What does our alliance stand for? First of all, anti-imperialism. We stand for the equality of peoples and states, we are against any attempt to create new empires, however disguised, and we recognise the right of all peoples to establish the forms of governance that suit them best, on whatever mixture of principles derived from religion or secular thought they desire, bound only by the obligations of international law. Second, we stand for the equality of individuals, undivided on grounds of race. This too is a principle one can arrive at by either secular or religious reasoning. It is striking that today, for the first time in my memory, a section of the liberal left has abandoned the obligation to stand by the victims of racism in our society and is instead pandering to Islamophobia. Third, we stand for freedom and civil liberties. At present, it is the Muslim community that bears the main burden of the threat here, with proposals to ban peaceful political organisations, extend the power of the police to detain suspects without charge, close down places of worship and restrict free speech. But it would be foolish to ignore the lessons of history, which teach that the loss of rights for one group tends to end up as the loss of liberty of all. From our foundation, the Stop the War Coalition has warned of the dangers of a spiral of imperialist aggression leading to terrorism with terrorism in turn being used to justify governmental authoritarianism. If that spiral goes round another turn, we cannot be sure that it will "only" be Muslims who will be at the sharp end. That is our common agenda. But I think we cannot leave it there. Think again of Shahzad Tanweer's video. Look past the words on Iraq, Palestine and so on and it illustrates the extreme alienation of a young man raised in our country, a despair that leads him to cut every tie with his society. This summons all of us to think again about alienation, a concept recognised in different ways in both Marxist and religious thought, and how to overcome it. It demands that we deepen our understanding of each other on issues such as social equality, religious tolerance and philosophies for a better world. More than that it demands that we work together to overcome alienation by addressing the greed and poverty, inequalities and nihilistic individualism that scar our world. Should we do so, the emerging alliance of Muslims and the left worldwide will surely play a central part in the politics of the 21st century."
So after reading that idealistic "anti-imperialism" claptrap of incoherent beliefs that cannot work in reality, you get to the commentators who rip the guy to shreads and someone posts this example of how left this man really is compared to everyone else.
Magovern July 11, 2006 05:12 PM USA Andrew Murray today: "We stand for freedom and civil liberties." Andrew Murray in his "Political Report, March 2003 Executive Committee Meeting" of Communist Party of Britain:"Our Party has already made its basic position of solidarity with Peoples Korea clear." Because Kim Jong-Il is a great man for standing up for freedom and civil liberties, obviously. I'm with Mr Pike Bishop on this one: "FFS" is really the only sensible response to this garbage.
No other paper provides this much astonishing entertainment. NYTIMES is just a bunch of latte sipping tree-hugging cultural elites who pretend to know but they don't, the Guardian provides the real deal of nutjobs.

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