Monday, July 31, 2006

UK terror suspect hauled in for child porn.

UK: Via the Telegraph who titles it "Terror raid victim faces arrest over child porn images." It must be some UK PC term.

A man shot in an anti-terrorist raid faces questioning over the alleged discovery of child pornography images on a computer seized by police. Mohammed Abul Kahar, 23, was wounded when police officers looking for a chemical bomb entered his home in Forest Gate, east London. It is believed that he could be arrested this week. He is expected to be asked about what are said to be "extremely disturbing" images of children. The move follows forensic tests on the computer. The Crown Prosecution Service has been consulted. Police sources yesterday confirmed the accuracy of a story in the News of the World that suggested that Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist team had handed the case to its child protection command. It deals with inquiries into child abuse, including internet-related offences. Mr Kahar's account of how images allegedly came to be on the second-hand computer is not known, but a central issue will be whether they were loaded on to the computer before or after it was bought.

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