Saturday, July 01, 2006

UK's Alton Towers promotes Muslim only day.

Culture: This is a take off of similar events that happened at a couple of US theme parks, most notably Six Flags a couple of years ago. Nothing legally wrong with it as other groups have rented out parks during off season, but the difference is only when Muslims rented out the parks did exclusionary complaints pop up. What usually happens is the park is still open to people who want to go outside of the group that rented the place.

BRITAIN’S biggest fun park has sparked a race row — with a MUSLIMS-ONLY day. Up to 28,000 are expected at Alton Towers on September 17 when there will be no music, booze or gambling. Instead there will be prayer areas, Muslim stalls and all food served will be HALAL. Organisers Islamic Leisure have billed it the First National Muslim Fun Day and tickets can only be bought through their website. Non-Muslims phoning the Staffordshire park have been refused tickets. One, George Hughes, 19, who rang up for 15 tickets for a pal’s birthday, said: “I couldn’t believe it. “It’s the only day we can go, yet I can’t because I’m not Muslim. Can you imagine all the fuss if there was a Christians-only day?” George, of Crayford, Kent, added: “My Muslim friends think it’s outrageous. “What’s the world coming to when people are being banned from flying the St George’s flag yet this sort of day is allowed? If it must be held, then why not on a weekday rather than a busy weekend?” The event is widely promoted on the internet and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee declared it “exclusively for our brothers and sisters”.
This is the amusing part.
Abid Hussan of Islamic Leisure insisted the day was open to all faiths, although Islamic laws would apply. He added: “There will be no smoking, no alcohol and halal food only. “We’re trying to get Muslims to go to this day because they wouldn’t normally go somewhere like Alton Towers. We’re trying to integrate Muslims into the wider community. People can come down and see the way we live. It will be a peaceful family environment.” Alton Towers said any organisation could hire the park for a day. A spokeswoman said “We make no distinction regarding sexuality, religious, ethnic or lifestyle choices.” She confirmed tickets for the day were now available only through Islamic Leisure. And Alton Towers would promote the fact that the day had been booked. She added: “As a general rule, there will be no admission on the day to guests who have not booked through the organisation in advance.”
"We’re trying to integrate Muslims into the wider community. People can come down and see the way we live." In the words of Inigo Montoya, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." How do you promote/practice intergration into the wider community if they have to abided by your rules only? That is not intergrating, that is forcing your way over the rest of the community. Non-Muslim can only get tickets if they order off the organization website, not by the park as it should be if you were interested in showing that Muslims are part of the community.

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