Thursday, July 27, 2006

Whiny youth gone wild.

Edumacation: The Washington Post needs to tighten up who is allowed to write op-eds in its paper because Sui Lang Panoke is a whiner who doesn't realize that no one gets what they want, you have to earn it. Another typical liberal who believes mommy government should take care of everything for them because they deserve it . How will she function in the real world with a real job? Prime example what is being churned out of schools today, a bloodsucking, parasitic tick on the body of society. All you have to do is highlight the woah is me lines.

Is access to graduate education in America exclusively for the upper class?
I have no college fund, trust or inheritance. I don't independently qualify for private student loans because I lack the substantial credit or employment history that is required, and I do not have the luxury of having a willing and eligible co-signer. Furthermore, I can work only part-time jobs while in school; otherwise I would not qualify for child-care assistance.
Okay, this ticks me off because she didn't realize how expensive it would be(more on that later) She could have waited after she got her degree to get a job, save up and go to grad school. She is a single parent and can only work part time, I am supposed to feel sorry because why now? Not everyone in life gets its perfect and sometimes you just have to figure your own way out, not scream for the taxpayers to fund your desires.
Once you aspire beyond a bachelor's degree, the financial aid door is pretty much closed unless you, or your family, have the economic ability to finance whatever costs are not covered by your guaranteed federal student loans. Today's job market is becoming more and more competitive. Bachelor's degrees don't carry the weight they used to. It's almost necessary to have a graduate, doctorate or law degree to compete with the current highly qualified pool of candidates.
Just because it might be "necessary" doesn't mean taxpayers should be "necessary" to pay for your grad education which is not for most people in the first place. But the meat of her complaints become clear as she reveals her mindset about America and how she dreams it to be in the future.
"Higher degrees mean higher salaries. But the disparity between those who have access to a higher degree due to their economic resources and those who have the desire to attend graduate school but not the money is increasing. Graduate students are forced to take on a significantly higher economic burden than undergraduates. It seems that graduate-level education is open only to the select few who can afford it -- people who usually come from wealthy, upper-class families.
I have a desire for a plasma tv, but I don't expect anyone to hand it to me. Grad school is not the public school system where everyone is eligible or a place where only the "upper class" goes these days. Just because you didn't get the grants, loans and free ride you expected to come you way means the system is broken. Sometime you just have to work at it, though so far she has shown nothing of a work ethic.
We are failing to redistribute the wealth in America, and the divide between the upper and lower classes is widening. It's clear that a federal need-based grant program for graduate students must be created. This would help level the playing field by creating access to graduate programs for students -- access based on merit and ambition rather than economic resources.
The Marxism roars its ugly head. I put myself thru college with a ton of loan to pay back, get myself into grad school just so I can get a high paying job which people like Sui can tax the hell out of me to take away my earnings to subsidized others. This is the sort of gutless youth being produced in America that will drag it down, Sui would be more at home with the French youth who demostrated because they might actually have to work hard to keep their jobs. The last part of the op-ed is hilarious considering her whining.
The writer is a first-year graduate student at American University working toward a master's degree in public administration.
As pointed out by Cato.
8. There’s a less expensive school? “The writer is a first-year graduate student at American University working toward a master’s degree in public administration.” Wait. American University? This starving student couldn’t have pursued her master’s anywhere cheaper? Of course she could have, and right in the Washington, D.C., area. Indeed, with tuition at $1048 per credit hour, AU is roughly 2.5 times more expensive than in-state tuition at Virginia’s George Mason University, and 1.4 times more expensive than out-of-state tuition. Similarly, AU’s tuition is 2.2 times higher than in-state tuition at the University of Maryland, and 1.4 times higher than out-of-state tuition.
Not only pay for her education taxpayers, but pay top dollar. The other issue is if such a program existed to the point where she would be happy, watch tuition rates go even higher because the schools would think "easy money"

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