Friday, August 11, 2006

Abdul Bari puts his foot in his mouth again.

UK: The myopic nature of UK Muslim leaders is pretty bad.

Muhammed Abdul Bari, the secretary-general of the council, said that the links had to be found between the suicide bombers on July 7 and other attacks to avoid a general assault on the Muslim community. “We need to find out what was the connection between 7/7 and subsequent attacks. It is imperative to find that link to stop continuing Islamophobic attacks,” he said.
Nothing about terrorist attacks, just "Islamophobic" attacks. That will play well to the public. The reason they want some official inquiry into the 7/7 attacks is to officially have someone say the attacks were the results of foreign policy. That means they can tout with even more boldness that unless your foreign policy caters to Muslims, you will have these attacks. Its a cynical move by the leaders to use terrorist attacks to further their agenda as noted before by I and others.

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