Friday, August 25, 2006

Blanco sends Nagin itemized expenses in detail.

Nation: This looks like a CYA by Blanco to make sure everyone understands the lack of building and planning for the rebuilding of New Orleans is on Nagin's head.

Governor Blanco has released a financial accounting of the amount of money the state and federal government has spent on New Orleans since Katrina in connection with the rebuild. In the final paragraph of her letter, Governor Blanco stated that “I know you understand the importance of finalizing a solid planning process. The letter was sent to the City Council. The letter comes at a time when citizens are wondering why New Orleans is not rebuilding fast enough. The letter confirms a prior conversation between Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin. Here is the itemized listing and letter to Mayor Nagin
As for the shot that Nagin took against NYC and ground zero. I would have to agree in part that both local governments dropped the ball in NYC and New Orleans in getting things done on time. But it was still a cheap shot by Nagin to deflect the opinion that he has failed so far in getting things in order to rebuild.

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