Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bring on the thought police in Australia.

Australia: I get this feeling she doesn't understand that freedom of speech doesn't mean living in a PC world where she gets to decide what is good or bad speech.

THERE are three good reasons why we should support the controversial Victorian Racial and Religious Tolerance Act as it stands. The first is that it is a declaration of Australian values. The second is that the law promotes freedom of speech. The third is that the law makes it clear we will not tolerate hatred. The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act outlaws vilification on the basis of race or religion. Expressing hatred towards Jews, Muslims and indigenous Australians, among others, is unlawful. It does not stop us from holding opinions, insulting people, or critically commenting on issues relevant to racial or religious groups. It doesn't prevent the practice of religion or even prevent one religious group from proselytising in an attempt to convert non-believers. It simply outlaws expressions of hatred. We should support the law because outlawing hatred sends a clear message to the public: that all people, independent of race or religion, are valued members of the Australian community. It makes it clear we value justice and freedom, and that our Australian identity includes giving everyone a fair go. Making a public declaration that we will not tolerate hatred has a flow-on effect. It affects the way we educate our children and the way bureaucrats go about their business. The law strengthens Australian multiculturalism by recognising the value that different cultures bring to our community. The second reason for supporting the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act is that rather than limiting speech, anti-hate laws increase freedom of speech. Instead of protecting the voice of hatred, the law favours the speech of ordinary people. People who have been targets for hatred are empowered by anti-hate laws to stand up to hatred, to feel confident that it is they who are right and the haters who are wrong. Limiting the speech of those who would express hatred, increases the speech of those otherwise singled out.
and it goes completely wacko at the end. read it.

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