Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Germany shocked a terror plot happens in their zone.

EU: It seems every other month, another country gets hit over the head with the reality of the situation.

errorism experts stopped short of comparing the train plot to the foiled attempt to blow up passenger planes flying from Britain to the United States. The explosives, Mr. Tophoven noted, were clumsily made, and there is no evidence that the perpetrators intended to be suicide bombers. Still, the case has rattled Germans, many of whom have clung to the belief that their government’s opposition to the war in Iraq would insulate them from attacks like those in London or Madrid. Last month’s trouble-free World Cup in Germany reinforced the sense of security. “People thought for the longest time that Germany would be safe because we didn’t send troops to Iraq,” said Johannes Schmalz, the president of the agency for the protection of the constitution — a rough equivalent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation — in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. “This presumption is wrong,” he said. “The enemy of violent Islamists is the Western world as a whole.”
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