Friday, August 18, 2006

Inigo Wilson suspended for not amusing the unamused.

Culture: On a very weak case, we have a Orange telecommunications buckling under to MPACUK which has an interesting history as documented by LGF. Inigo put up an post called the lefty lexicon which such entries like

Child-centred - education: "we can't be bothered to teach them… perhaps they’ll do it themselves". Terrorist - no such thing. Only people suffering from ‘root causes’ and ‘legitimate grievances’. Stigmatise - what we do to anti-social people if we ask them to stop. Social exclusion - where bad people, behaving badly, somehow became our fault. Multi-cultural - All culture is valid - unless Western in some way. Usually to be 'celebrated' and always found to be 'vibrant'. See 'diversity'
But he got in trouble for his definition of Al Qaeda, Palestinians and Islamophobic. Orange suspended him, MPACUK cheered and others are livid. Just another day in the politically correct U.K.

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